Case Study #1

Forge of Empires


An experienced affiliate focused on promoting CPL offers


Attract the maximum number of registrations in desired areas with specific demographics at a lower price than the affiliate network's payout, while earning a partner commission.

3 months

Spend Leads Clicks AV. Bid CR CPL Impressions
$7,512.98 3994 70,518 $0.107 5.7% $1.88 49,101.584


The affiliate started a campaign that attracted players to the browser game using a referral link from one of the affiliate networks to reach the goal of getting as many registrations as possible to earn a partnership commission. In view of the fact that affiliate network offers usually have additional conditions and restrictions, this was a very interesting strategy, serving very specific audience filters, despite the fact that the game was recommended for ages 7+.

Creatives included categories R and NSFW, as well as headlines targeted at an adult audience. Also, the landing page served as a transition to registration only after the user responded to whether or not he was 18+ years old.

The campaign started in September, targeting the US, on desktop with all browsers, except for Mozilla, with the category of the advertised product Video Games. During the first month, successful optimization occurred from both creatives and landings, and from the sites through selective bidding.


For three months the campaign gained 3,994 leads at $1.88. If you compare this with the payouts offered by the affiliate networks, the affiliate has received a good profit. The campaign continues to grow and is working successfully today.

Case Study #2

mainstream dating offer


An online dating company, one of the industry leaders.


To increase the number of quality registrations and grow profit. The main feature and complexity of this campaign is the eight-stage registration — before creating an account, the user had to answer questions on several interstitial pages to fill out the long form.

14 days, Ca/US/UK

Advertorial LP

Spend Leads Clicks Bid CR CPL CPL goal
$2,046.24 542 11,368 18 cents 4.8% $3.78 $7


The audience of Adskeeper responds well to dating offers and other similar promotions despite complex registration procedures, so Adskeeper's designers prepared a variety of creatives.

In addition, in order to identify the most efficient setup, the account manager recommended A/B testing two different landing pages — classic performance style with a registration form, and advertorial.

Classic LP

Spend Leads Clicks Bid CR CPL CPL goal
$849.25 75 4,719 18 cents 1.6% $11.32 $12


Implementing all sorts of targeting options and effective performance optimization enabled the influx of new active visitors to the dating site. The conversion rate of the advertorial-type of landing page was 3 times higher, and the cost per lead was 4 times lower than that of a classical landing!

Case Study #3

Fantasy MMORPG online game


An experienced affiliate specifically focused on games promotion


To generate leads in highly competitive landscape preserving good ROI.

14 days


Spend Leads Clicks Bid CR CPL CPL goal
$32,115 8,451 214,100 15 cents 4% $3.80 $4.2


The client was interested in leads from the USA, but considering strong competition AdsKeeper’s account manager recommended adding less competitive, but still profitable markets for the start. The campaigns were organized by GEO in order to identify the most and least efficient markets. The campaigns were run on both desktop and mobile devices.

AdsKeeper’s designers have prepared a variety of creatives which clicked through to flashy responsive landing pages with user-friendly interface.


Spend Leads Clicks Bid CR CPL CPL goal
$779.91 545 10,799 7,2 cents 5.05% $1.43 $4


The USA campaign proved expensive and unprofitable for the client, but the other campaign performed well. AdsKeeper’s account managers are experts in web promotion and their main task is to achieve the marketing goals of the client. They do this using full range of AdsKeeper’s optimisation tools, unmatched publishers diversity, their own experience and strategic approach. Due to properly selected publishers pool and highly relevant creatives, the campaign has demonstrated excellent results.

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